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good Friday


This is the story of a good Friday. Not Good Friday, just a good Friday.

Noon: Took the guys out for lunch to celebrate the first week of school and to butter them up to go to the grocery store with me. They eat sushi like other kids eat Cheerios- two-fisted, then pointing and grunting for more. What sophisticated little cavemen!

5:00 pm: While making this dinner, I was reminded (don’t really need reminding) of how much I love vegetables. Just love ’em! Look at this picture. It’s so beautiful I should make it my profile picture for every website I use. I would make it my driver’s license picture if I could. It’s called a Vegetable Tian and it’s spectacular.

5:45 pm: Dinner is in the oven so we work on an art project to make an air freshener for my car. When a 4-year-old says your car smells like a skunk, you should take him seriously. ‘Cause he has a lot of experience with things that are skunk-like. It was fun and effective. Just ask the Skunk Detector!

6:15 pm: Still cooking, so time for a little Fun with Wigs. I made this picture of him…

…and then he made this picture of me. Separated at birth? Yes, actually, his.

6:30 pm: Dinner is ready! Look at those gorgeous vegetables. Why aren’t I skinny? Oh yeah, see previous entry about ice cream.

6:35 pm: Husband arrives with flowers for no particular reason other than “just because.” The best thing about receiving these is the thought of his sweet self taking his usual public transportation route home from the city with his backpack and headphones, carrying a dozen roses. I keep replaying that image in my mind. Seems like something I might have snapped a black & white picture of if I saw him from my car. So stinkin’ cute!

Hope you’re having a good Whatever!