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“Pass the tsimmes…do you watch porn?”


Can you match that phrase to the person who said it to me at the Rosh Hashanah dinner table last night?

A) teenage nephew

B) 88-year-old great aunt

C) smarmy uncle

If you picked “B”, you are correct! Thank you great aunt H for the best laugh of the day. We were enjoying a lovely Rosh Hashanah dinner at my mother-in-law’s house and exchanging otherwise normal conversation about the type of television shows we like when she dropped that bomb in the brisket. She had shared with us that she and her husband used to watch Sex and the City, but nothing could have prepared me for the follow up question! That laugh took us right up through the Honey Cake and fortunately there were no further interrogations!
My great-grandmother (whom I was lucky enough to have in my life until I was 28 and she was 94!) used to be completely offended by, yet somewhat obsessed with sex. What a hilarious dichotomy to find in an older person. She watched soaps (as does everyone in my family) and I almost think it was for the sex. She used to say “Look at that! They’re just eatin’ each other up! Shooooot. It’s disgustin’. They ought be ‘shamed.” But did she keep watching? You bet your daytime drama she did.
So why did Aunt H feel the need to ask about our personal viewing habits? We never got back around to why, but it was a great moment and I didn’t mind. Well, at least until the inevitable happens in a day or so…. “Moooommm, what’s porn?”