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Every time I go away, I come home with a little something. Usually caramel corn, or hotel soap, but my favorite thing to bring back is a new perspective on myself and my life. It’s like a gift-with-purchase that lasts far longer than the trip itself. I tell myself that if I only exist in my bubble, how do I know if I’m getting it right? “It” could be anything from how I make the bed to how I wrap leftovers, to eyeshadow colors I hadn’t considered before. (Hey, I never said it would be deep.)

When I visit T, I come home aware that I could be much nicer in general. Even when we’re chatting and she says something that could be catty-ish or gossip-like, it’s still cute and sort of sweet. How do you do that? See, I can’t even accuse her of being catty or gossipy. She’s too nice for that!

When I visit J, I feel that the creative gauntlet has been thrown down. I create in my head 24/7. She ACTUALLY creates 24/7. She and her husband are do-ers. Love the intensity, humor and fearlessness with which they attack projects.

When I visit H, I want everything in my life to be more luxe. Although my Gemini mind allows me the superpower to love both thrift stores AND Neiman Marcus, when I am with H, I need every towel, every carafe, every ramekin to be the best. Luckily that wears off when I leave or I would not be able to exist in my world. She also makes me crave order. Although none of my friends are even close to being pack rats or hoarders, H beats all in the neat & clean department. Even her garage is a showpiece. Among the bins, hooks and racks, it has a carefully curated collection of garage-appropriate decor.

When I visit my mom, I am reminded of how to be a better hostess. Truly, she is unparalleled in this department. Thoughtful, thorough, elegant, comfortable. Coming home to her house is truly coming home. She also shares some traits with H. She has a chandelier in her garage! Obviously I have Garage Envy.

When I visit R, I know that if she can do it with 3 kids, a giant house and a job, I can do it with 2 kids, a dog and a hobbit house. She’s even recently discovered an inner creative monster screaming to get out which will make her even more invincible!

These people all remind me of what they are good at that I can improve upon for myself. Sometimes it’s not always like that. When I visit the party that is my dad, I am grateful for the relative normalcy in my life. He is a post, no…a blog all to himself.

What I’m really wondering is what people take home from a visit with me. (Other than candles. Everyone leaves with candles.) Or do other people even engage in this little activity? Do they ever go home and decide to try to make at least one meatless dinner? So many people don’t, so if I could inspire that, I would be pretty happy. Maybe they will want to adopt a dog instead of buying from a breeder, or maybe start a business. Who knows. I won’t flatter myself by filling in the blanks, but I can only hope it’s something as positive as what I’ve been siphoning off my friends all this time. Thanks, girls. 🙂