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How to handle a hurricane


We had an interesting week. Earthquake, hurricane, tornado. None got too close for comfort, but they all had the same question for us: “You wanna piece of me?” I didn’t just use that line so I could quote Britney, or maybe I did.

I’m no expert, but here’s how we got through it:

Step 1: Bring everything inside. Yep, put her right there in the dining room. Automatic seating for 12.

Step 2: Color. A lot. Involve everyone. Don’t let anyone off the hook. Someone find the dog and wrap his paw around a Crayola. I don’t care if he doesn’t have thumbs…he’s not getting off that easy.

Step 3: Make marshmallows. This could be the 2nd least veg-friendly food in the world, right after filet mignon. However, they worked and E was ecstatic. Their ethereal beauty and fluffy goodness took my breath away (or it could have been the cloud of powdered sugar) but next time I’d like to conquer them free of gelatin and refined sugar. Who’s ready for a challenge?

Step 4: Watch a movie. Or for LB, watch 45 seconds of something, then remember that you are a baby and have better things to do that are actually recommended by the AAP for someone your age.

Step 5: Notice that you are wearing matching pajamas. Challenge offender to a duel.

Step 6: Cry.

There you have it. Six easy steps to hurricane survival. At least, when you live nowhere near water yet the news people and the mayor have you looking for your will and sleeping with your ID in your shoe and you spend 48 hours together in the house, stocked up with 3 weeks worth of bread and water…and homemade marshmallow ingredients.

Hooray, we made it! Hope you fared as well.