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Just a boy…in a cape


E loves a superhero as much as any kid, so this past Spring I used my sick glue gun skillz to put together a Batman cape any 4-year-old would be delighted to wear. Or at least they better. I did invest $10 and an entire hour in this. Seeing how it turned out so well (IMHO), I quickly banged out another one in pink with some razzle-dazzle on it this time for a little girlfriend of his turning 4. We don’t know much about princesses around here, but a princess can be a SuperPrincess, right?

This photo says “Fabulous!” Peep the shoes. Do you think the actual Batman knows that he could have been fighting crime in this stylish ensemble the entire time? Instead of squeezing himself into that unitard every night, he could have just cruised the streets around Gotham in a plaid RL shirt, navy cargo shorts and signature Batman Crocs? It would have given him the suburban street cred he’s been missing all along.

This is a serious man. Do not get in his way. He’s got a pocket full of trail mix and he’s not afraid to use it. If you see him, do not look straight into his eyes, lest you be pierced by his gaze.

So, a few months later a costume is needed for “Superhero Day” at camp. I thought we were good to go with the cape until he is eating breakfast on the day of and asks assumptively where to find his mask. “What mask?” I ask. “My Batman mask,” he replies confidently. “There is no mask” I mumble without looking directly at him because I know exactly where this is heading. What is he talking about, and how serious is he being right now? The tears begin to well, and the lip begins to quiver. “But, without a mask, I’ll just be…a boy…a boy in a cape.” Now had this been delivered any differently, I might have told him to put his hand on his face and peer through his fingers all day, but I was, in fact, manipulated by sincerity, if that is even possible. Off I go to the workshop to MacGyver a mask out of (obviously) hot glue, pipe cleaners, felt and elastic in the time it took him to eat a bagel. Not saying it looked good, but he was convinced, and now I’m on the hook for an entire Bat Family for Halloween. Sort of psyched about it, though! We’ve got Batman, Batgirl, Batdog, The Penguin and one more that we’re not too sure about yet. SB was supposed to be The Joker until E keenly observed that we would have a hard time with his hair.

Tutorial to follow, if anyone is ever following.

And…he’s outta here.