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Hello Stranger!


So, yeah, I’m doing this! Because I like to talk. And, at the risk of further wearing out any ears that I want to continue to have listen to me (you know who you are), I chose a new audience and that is you. Congratulations! I call this “Hello Stranger” because I haven’t discussed/dissected my intention to blog to anyone lately, so if you are reading this, you probably found me on accident and are probably a stranger. It’s nice to meet you, and congratulations again!

I’ve been writing in my head for about forever, but nothing seemed significant important cool interesting “enough” to make me unearth the laptop and create the first post. (Where did I last SEE that thing? And how do I use it again? *blows off the dust*) If it’s not entirely mobile, I’m not dealing with it these days. But because the semi-organized thoughts were interesting to my internal audience I will at least list the most recent posts that never made it from the brain through the fingertips:

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Coffee High is what brings us to today. After a 24 hour juice & miso detox, I was left with a headache and disappointment. Not that I won’t try it again, but really, did I just consume the juice of 12 organic carrots in one sitting for nothing? At the least, I expected to be able to read in the dark last night. Where was the light-on-my-feet sensation that was supposed to make me click my heels like a happy leprechaun on crack this morning? Didn’t have it, so I gave in to the coffee. Now THAT took me a few feet off the ground and straight to the computer to bang out some virtual therapy.  Pass the turbinado.

So, blogosphere, here I come. Secretly at first, and then like a 4-year-old kid, all boisterous and junk. Because coming in under the radar is so not my style. And so I leave you with the words of The Game, “…I ain’t goin’ nowhere, so betta get ta know me…” G-Unit!