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Halloween Math


1 fun size Snickers = barely tasted it

1 fun size Snickers + 1 fun size M&M’s = now we’re getting somewhere

1 fun size Snickers + 1 fun size M&M’s + 1 fun size Kit Kat = I’ve already gone this far so I might as well keep going

1 fun size Snickers + 1 fun size M&M’s+ 1 fun size Kit Kat + another Snickers but with almond this time = almost a meal at this point so why stop

1 fun size Snickers + 1 fun size M&M’s + 1 fun size Kit Kat + another Snickers but with almond this time + oh snap, is that a full size Butterfinger in there? = massive stomachache

Who decided that these are “fun size” anyway? What kind of fun is that? No fun was had. When I think “fun” and “chocolate”, I want Max Brenner involved, not The Mars Corporation. I think the “Switch Witch” is coming this week to swap out the candy for new books. It’s not for Evan’s sake but for my own. I simply cannot handle the pressure of having that orange plastic jack-o-lantern bucket leering at me from the kitchen counter, overflowing with useless temptations. Get it out of here and let’s move on to pumpkin pie.


International Moms of Mystery


Last night I popped my collar and went to dinner with Tha Ladieees at Nodding Head Brewery & Restaurant in Center City. Since “going out” as a mature-like person means you actually drive yourself to and fro and not cab it or just stay over wherever you land, pre-partying at home now means having a Coca-Cola (Cherry!). Oh well. Times are a changin’. But my sweet boy Evan said I looked “snazzy” and “sharp” so I was all set to go. In my minivan.

We wore our standard going-out black (however I was a maverick this time with the chocolate brown) and had a great time eating delicious food, drinking opaque beer with a lot of adjectives, laughing too loudly, and as to be expected, eventually talking about poop. You just can’t put 4 moms in the same room without discussing poop. {sigh}

I had a a great time, loved this particular friend mix and was so thrilled to actually meet another vegetarian. We’re like unicorns, I told her, just without that annoying horn thing. After dinner we walked to Capogiro. “Gelato Artisans” indeed…  I had Acorn Squash and Cinnamon gelato! Delish! I would love to see my mother-in-law’s face as she reads that. She already thinks I eat weird food, so this is one that can go to the top of the list! Mmm, mmm, good!

Thanks ladies, great night!