Yes, that’s me, the Veggie Berger. The pink hair is just a dream of mine that I play out while doing housework, jogging, or going through the carpool line at preschool. I try to keep it fun.

I am a vegetarian. I love animals and believe in the right to live and die without an expiration date on your head. I don’t believe in being “bred for food” any more than I believe in eating my own dog. I believe that taking the fur of an animal to make a coat for a human (or to line your Uggs) is like plucking my eyelashes to make a feather duster. Pointless, unnecessary and gross. This came about almost 4 years ago when a story was uncovered about some very sick cows being dragged and pushed to slaughter even though they were too weak to stand or walk. Something snapped in me and I decided that I could not be part of that kind of cruelty anymore. I didn’t need chicken, I didn’t need sausage and for heaven’s sake, no one, anywhere, ever needs veal. I am healthy, well-fed and well…rounded you could say. I wish I could say my conscience is clear, but when I stopped eating meat, it just opened my eyes to all of the other cruelty in the world that doesn’t have to do with eating flesh foods. I have had to make daily decisions that I feel not only affect my life but the lives of my children and anyone else who listens to what I blather on about, just in case they may be accidentally influenced in some way. I’ve stopped buying new leather and I’ve started selling off or giving away my leather goods and accessories. I used to work at Coach, so you can imagine the bounty of hides I have laying around here. If I could return them to their rightful owners, I would in a heartbeat.

This blog is not necessarily about vegetarianism, but it is certainly a pervasive force in my life and it comes up a lot. I am so grateful for it’s influence on me and it has helped define me as a compassionate person and a friend to ALL animals, not just the ones we keep in our homes. Much to my surprise, my chin remains the only thing that is actually physically defined about me, but I digress. I’ve never met a vegetable I don’t like, and I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas. (Look, you can see it there in the picture.) Vegetarians aren’t “All tofu, All the time.” In fact, I find tofu a little challenging to store and prepare, so it is rarely on the menu. But if you eat at my house you won’t be hungry, and it doesn’t always involve a salad. I make as much from scratch as possible, even if sometimes it really puts me in a jam and creates an enormous mess. Everything is better when you make it yourself. I live by that, and once I discover how to make something, I can never go back. Everything from fajita seasoning to kettle corn, waffles to ice cream, fruit & vegetable juice to marshmallows, hummus to pita chips. I recently discovered how to make slushies from home and I am in love. You can “slushie” almost any cold liquid into a delighful treat in 20 minutes. And oh boy, do I ever.

In other news, my life outside of food is my husband, 2 boys and our dog. I have a husband who should teach classes on how to be a husband. Because he is killing it!  Our boys are 1 and 4 and you’ll hear allll about them. If I don’t annoy you already with their stories, I’m about to. There just aren’t words big enough to encompass how I feel about them. Anything I could say would be trite, so I will just say that they make my world go ’round. (And they are gorgeous and exceptional.) My dog Bailey is the most constant thing in my life. I have had him for 10 years and when I look into his tiny brown eyes I see truth. He sees all and knows all and remains my loyal companion. In my rare alone time, I fancy myself an artist and love to create things that are beautiful and personal. If we are friends, you’ve probably received one from me! I could go on, and I usually do, but it will all come out eventually. I’m sort of an open book. The type where you peek inside and all the pages go unexpectedly flying out. So watch out for that. Sarcasm is the sharpest tool in my kit and it gets me in a little trouble at times. I warn you of this so that as you’re reading and you think “Sarcastic, much?” I don’t have to bother saying “Duh! Didn’t you read the ‘About’ page?” I don’t usually mean any harm by it, and I usually don’t even know I’m doing it, so understand that it’s natural, and you’re not the first one to notice it.

I distanced myself from social networking a few months ago because it was a major time-sucker and it felt like I was talking to myself anyway. So I decided to make it official and start a blog where I could shamelessly talk to and about myself and until anyone finds out about it, I am going to have a really, really good time doing it. Happy reading.

The Veg


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