International Moms of Mystery


Last night I popped my collar and went to dinner with Tha Ladieees at Nodding Head Brewery & Restaurant in Center City. Since “going out” as a mature-like person means you actually drive yourself to and fro and not cab it or just stay over wherever you land, pre-partying at home now means having a Coca-Cola (Cherry!). Oh well. Times are a changin’. But my sweet boy Evan said I looked “snazzy” and “sharp” so I was all set to go. In my minivan.

We wore our standard going-out black (however I was a maverick this time with the chocolate brown) and had a great time eating delicious food, drinking opaque beer with a lot of adjectives, laughing too loudly, and as to be expected, eventually talking about poop. You just can’t put 4 moms in the same room without discussing poop. {sigh}

I had a a great time, loved this particular friend mix and was so thrilled to actually meet another vegetarian. We’re like unicorns, I told her, just without that annoying horn thing. After dinner we walked to Capogiro. “Gelato Artisans” indeed…  I had Acorn Squash and Cinnamon gelato! Delish! I would love to see my mother-in-law’s face as she reads that. She already thinks I eat weird food, so this is one that can go to the top of the list! Mmm, mmm, good!

Thanks ladies, great night!


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