Last night I did the funnest thing I have done since the last really fun thing I did. I dressed up my mom-self in leftover-from-my-twenties cosmetic glitter (I saw no expiration date) and went with a new friend to see SYTYCD! For all of you with a life beyond reality TV, that’s “So You Think You Can Dance”. The live tour was in town so off we went. We had a fantastic time! Hubs used his lightning-fast Ticketmaster skills to snag us some really great seats. We were eye level with the dancers which really gives you the full effect that you don’t get watching it on television. Demonstrating superhuman feats of flexibility and strength, these incredible young people seemed to float on stage and land as lightly as butterflies. As someone who once broke her foot just walking through the house, this seems like an amazing trick to me but they do it over and over again with seemingly no effort. I am in awe of these beautiful dancers!

Since the label “dancer” can be applied loosely and by anyone, I’ll delight you with a photo of me when I “…thought I could dance, dance, dance, dance.”

This was an early clogging recital. Does anyone outside of Stone Mountain, Georgia know what clogging is? I’m not sure if this is a national thing or not because I haven’t heard of anyone, anywhere doing it since the early 80’s. For most people, clogging is what happens to your tub drain when you wash your hair. For me, it was a toe-tapping good time.

Moving on a few years,… ta da! Doing more posing than actual dancing, here I am on the hood of my sweet ride in high school, as a proud and sexy member of the Redan High School Drill Team. I had big hair halfway down my back and spent most of my time untangling it from my sequined costume and adjusting my cinnamon toast tights and Keds. Those tights were so unnatural! Seen them before? There is only one other group of ladies wearing those exact tights with their spandex and fat white socks. I’m not saying where they are, but it rhymes with “schmooters”.

Our dance team did a wicked “windmill” move, tore it up to the cowbell, had some fierce booty shaking going on and performed for throngs of fans. Well, those are lies. Although we had confidence for days, looking back we wouldn’t have qualified for Mary’s Hot Tamale Train. As Team Captain, though, you can see I took my (starring) role very seriously. That’s me parked right in the middle. I was good at the Pretty March, and I loved that Starter track suit. So cute, I thought!

And now we come to the “do your own thing” portion of the song. I think it was Poison Clan. Time to show if you Think You Can Dance. Clearly, I thought so! Unfortunately these pictures are from the days before digital (and apparently zoom and focus as well), but there is no mistaking me for an obvious reason.

So, back to the future… last night I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my new friend Kendra. The best part was learning that we have the most random, hilarious thing in common. I don’t think I should broadcast exactly what it is, but… thanks for sharing, Kendra!! Yeah, we are the best wives eh-vah for this.

I love So You Think You Can Dance, I love that my husband supported me going as long as he didn’t have to, I love smiling all night, and I even love really don’t mind a little glitter in my eye.

Jazz hands!


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  1. LOVE the HS ride…I think I was one of the 1st, if not the 1st, to ride in that car with you…once you finished spray painting the inside all black. I think we went to Northlake mall to hang out.

    • Yes!! My dad & I took the car interior completely apart, laid it out in the yard and spray painted!! Then we cut and glued fabric to the headliner. That’s custom work! Proof that I’ve been DIY my entire life! No radio or a/c, so I rode around (with all that hair) windows down, bumpin’ Kilo and Too Short on a boom box! And the crazy part is, I felt good about all that!!! Lmao…

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